Advisory Boards for Startup and Scaling Organisations

Advisory Boards for Startup and Scaling Organisations

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  • Expiry Date: 30 October 2017
  • Duration: 60 minutes
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The future of work is changing. We know that startups provide some the greatest employment opportunities in this country and are attracting outstanding talent with their agile, innovative approach.
Scaling is the greatest challenge a start-up will face and it’s at this point that an advisory board becomes critical. 
In this webinar Gary Flowers and Karen Lawson from Slingshot Accelerator will:
  • Highlight the purpose and role of an advisory board for startups
  • Identify when it’s time to build an advisory board
  • Underline the desirable mindset of advisory board members in comparison to the requirements of directors on full governance boards
  • Demonstrate how to use a skills matrix to identify the type of advisors suitable for startups and evaluate their effectiveness as the business grows
  • Outline the common pitfalls startup companies experience with advisory boards and how to avoid them.

Examples of advisory boards in action:

  • Q&A with Marissa Sandler, co-founder of Careseekers, a startup which went through NRMA’s Jumpstart accelerator program run by Slingshot two years ago
  • How has Slingshot scaled under the guidance of appointed Chairman Gary Flowers
This webinar is complimentary and ideal for anyone that has established their own startup and is considering creating an advisory board to assist them in scaling their business. It is also designed for individuals that would like to contribute to an advisory board and who seek to understand the type of skills, experience and director mindset startups are looking for.
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Gary Flowers Gary Flowers
Slingshot Accelerator

Karen Lawson Karen Lawson
Slingshot Accelerator

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