Evaluating Board Finances Series (10% series discount applied)

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Financial literacy is a skill that few of us are taught, yet when joining a board, we are expected to be able to understand financial concepts, ask probing questions when presented with financial information at board meetings draw conclusions and make decisions. None of this is easy. The two part series will address these and look at easy ways to apply learnings to your own situation.

Part 1- Interpret, analyse and question financial statements will cover:

  • A recap and explanation of the three financial statements of an ASX-listed company
  • Explanation of a easy to use and apply step-by-step methodology
  • Ways to analyse and interpret each of the statements then draw conclusions on financial performance
  • Questions for directors to ask in relation to issues identified above after applying the step-by-step methodology

Part 2 -Financial Ratios and Dashboards will cover:

  • Calculation of key financial ratios where the entity’s liquidity, operating performance, financial stability and profitability will be assessed over a number of years.
  • Drawing conclusions as to what the ratios are telling us
  • How a financial dashboard may be created for the board of directors for presentation at their board meeting using the key financial ratios

For this series to be of most benefit, you should have a basic level of understanding of what to look in your board financials. For a ‘starting’ level of board finance please consider Financial Fundamentals for Business Owners. Please contact Webinars@aicd.com.au for a package offer on these two series.

DPD Units = 10 for the series or 5 for each part

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Stephen Marsden Stephen Marsden
Lecturer, QUT Business School