The cultural context of decision making for directors

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Corporate governance is implemented through the decisions that directors and other players in the corporate governance ecosystem make. We also make decisions in the context of our life experiences and, consequently, they are often impacted by unconscious biases and preferences - we think with what we “know". Understanding the impact of these issues on our own, and others, approaches to decision making is particularly important in Boards operating with members from different nationalities and cultures or with diverse experiences and backgrounds.

In this webinar Chris Bennett who is currently conducting doctoral research into cultural cognition and decision making, will discuss the cultural factors that impact on approaches to decision making in diverse boards. He will give practical guidance based on research about how to maximise the decision making potential of boards with members from differing backgrounds and/or operating across national and cultural borders.

He will share helpful insights and advice covering:

  • An understanding of how unconscious bias can effect decision-making in yourself and others
  • Techniques for effective communication on diverse/multicultural boards’
  • Positive outcomes of greater board diversity

This webinar will have broad appeal and be particularly relevant to organisations that:

  • Have board members from different backgrounds and/or operating across national and cultural borders
  • Have boards who are increasing in diversity
  • Are involved in increasing international operations
  • Are attracting increasing interest from international shareholders
  • Provide advice to diverse/multicultural boards 

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