Building your social media profile and online reputation

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Technology completely surrounds us, in our business and in our careers. It’s changed the way we communicate with others and how we communicate who we are to the world. However in a world dominated by technology, we need to ensure we understand how to take control of the complex and intertwined world of digital. The most successful leaders right now are the ones that know how to get the most from digital communication and understand what technology to adopt and what to ignore. Most of all, they know how their profile is creating opportunities or damaging their own reputation or that of their company.

This session we will cover:

  • How to build your own digital brand which is as effective as networking in-person
  • Tips on using LinkedIn and other social media platforms to display a director level resume and achieve the professional image you want
  • The dynamics of digital reputation for you, potentially your company and your future (and how to mitigate risk using a digital audit process)
  • Understanding the value of social media and how it's linked to the impact its mismanagement can have on your credibility

This webinar will go beyond what most social media sessions do, we won't just talk about ‘how to’ or old data. Instead we will look at the most current studies and examples to complement a person’s reputation; and finally create a strategy that makes sense, won't take up more time and is effective and efficient.

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Danielle Di-Masi Danielle Di-Masi
Marketing and Communications Strategist