From outputs to outcomes: how not-for-profits can stand out from the crowd by measuring what matters

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The not-for-profit sector is facing headwinds and change. The limited pool of available funding in Australia is stretched between more than 50,000 charities. Existing funders are not necessarily a sustainable source of funding, at least not at historical rates, and trusts and foundations are increasingly behaving like ‘sophisticated investors’. Furthermore, the ACNC and society have raised their expectations of NFPs, and philanthropy now competes with ‘impact investing’.

How can not-for-profit organisations stand out from the crowd to attract support, funding and partnerships? By proving their value and impact. But while many report their activities and outputs, few report their outcomes and impact.

Delivered by a former charity analyst and chair of a national charity, this webinar will cover:

  • What success looks like for a not-for-profit
  • The difference between inputs, outputs, outcomes and impact
  • The benefits of measuring impact, including increased funding and improved services, strategy, practices and partnerships
  • Practical tips, tools and resources for impact measurement, including how to articulate a theory of change
  • The role of the board in impact measurement

It is vital that an organisation can measure what matters, and this in turn should improve organisational effectiveness, stakeholder engagement and funding, and support board decision-making.

This webinar is directed towards charities, professional associations and clubs within the not-for-profit sector.

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