Budget update 2017

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Stephen Walters, AICD chief economist, will discuss the budget and will offer crucial insight to our members that impact their decisions as directors.

The Australian Government budget sets out the economic and fiscal outlook for Australia, and includes expenditure and revenue estimates for the current financial year, the budget year, and three forward financial years. It shows the Government's social and political priorities, and how the Government intends to achieve these.

Stephen's 30 minute summary will focus on:

  • The main budget measures
  • Impact on the economy
  • What it means for the government's AAA credit rating
  • What the Parliament will make of the policies

He will then spend 15 minutes answering questions, so if you have specific questions that you would like answered during this 30 minute webinar, please email them in advance to webinars@aicd.com.au. They will be presented anonymously during the webinar.

Here is a link to an earlier webinar 2017 the year ahead - what will impact your decisions as a director?

* You will need to complete two Stephen Walters webinars to accrue 5 DPD units. (Select from either ' 2017 the year ahead - what will impact your decisions as a director?' or Budget Update).


Stephen Walters Stephen Walters
Chief Economist, AICD