A Pathway to Organisational Indigenous Diversity: Understanding the benefits of Supply Nation

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In 2012 only 0.02% of Australian government contracts went to indigenous businesses, however since the introduction of the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) — the purpose of which is to drive demand for indigenous goods and services, stimulate indigenous economic development and grow the Indigenous business sector — demand is increasing. The 2019–20 target of 3% has been brought forward to this year.
We welcome our guest speakers Olivia Tyler, Westpac Group Director Sustainable Business Services, Customer & Business Services and Laura Berry, CEO of Supply Nation, who will share experiences of developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and incorporating indigenous diversity into their supply chain. They will also discuss the benefits to organisations who use Supply Nation-certified businesses.
Our three hosts will share their differing perspectives on: 
  • Commonwealth and State Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) initiatives;
  • The changing environment for organisations bidding for major contacts and the IPP influence on Commonwealth Government and State tender processes; 
  • The benefits of using Supply Nation and incorporating supply chain diversity into a RAP.
  • The benefits to boards and organisations, what it can mean for company strategy, boards and individual directors
Rod Williams, Director and Indigenous business consultant, will host the session. Learn from his experiences in collaborating with companies in building strategy and how your organisation can maintain a competitive edge in the changing policy environment of Indigenous Procurement. 
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Rod Williams Rod Williams
Managing Director
Gongan Consultancy Pty Ltd

Laura Berry Laura Berry
Supply Nation

Olivia Tyler Olivia Tyler
Director Sustainable Business Services
Westpac Group