Directing strategy to achieve organisational purpose

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The role of a director is to understand and direct their company to achieve its 'purpose'. This webinar will examine ways in which the board can do this and to ensure the organisation stays on track.
It will cover:
  • Key considerations when defining 'success' and achieving organisational purpose
  • How to set strategies and business plans that translate into management KPIs
  • How to monitor executive progress against achieving business 'purpose'
  • Continuous reflection on internal and external environments (the strategic landscape) to ensure organisational agility in changing markets
  • Being agile in your approach in order to achieve the purpose by changing actions, plans and strategies whenever necessary
  • Common impediments to achieving the purpose
This webinar will share strategies for directors to do what they are really there for, to direct their company to achieve its purpose - the reason it exists - especially in these times of often unpredictable volatility.
This webinar will be 60 minutes with additional time for questions throughout and at the end.
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