Three techniques boards can use to prepare for the future

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One of the key responsibilities of a board, in relation to corporate governance, is the process of setting, guiding and monitoring the organisation’s future direction. The principle seems simple but the process and decision-making technique may seem difficult to achieve.

This webinar will cover the process of ‘setting direction’ using three techniques or ways of thinking about the future that can assist in covering your organisation’s best interests, without becoming a mind-reader.

  • Prediction:
    • Moore’s Law on the doubling power of computers; we will explore some of its implications, such as driverless cars and the Internet of Things
  • Preferred: having a vision of a better future for your organisation
    • Examine ‘Blue Ocean’ methodology to create new ideas
  • Possible: some changes cannot be ‘predicted’ and may not necessarily be what one would ‘prefer’
    • The role  and use of scenario planning to assist you to reduce the risk of being taken by surprise by these changes

The webinar will provide both an explanation of the importance of each technique and how each technique may be implemented.

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Dr Keith Suter Dr Keith Suter
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