Gaining strategic advantage through ethical decision making

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  • Expiry Date: 30 May 2018
  • Duration: 60 minutes

Every decision boards make, including the decision not to make a decision, has ethical implications. This session provides practical insights into the board’s role in corporate ethics and how boards may gain strategic advantage from ethical leadership by using the Ethical Kaleidoscope, a framework to support better ethical decision making in the board room.

We will cover:

  • Core concepts developed from the ethical kaleidoscope research (values, ethics and organisational culture)
  • A view of board’s governance issues that influence organisational ethics
  • A thorough examination of the ethical kaleidoscope framework and how it may assist with gaining strategic advantage.
  • Recommendations and checklists for boards during board meetings and annual planning

By attending the webinar, directors will learn a new framework into how to consciously incorporate ethics in the board room and lead ethical organisations. The session will provide tools and checklists that can help directors to mindfully consider ethics in board meetings and as part of the board’s annual plan. By using this framework, boards will not only be responding to crisis, but proactively managing and gaining a sustainable strategic advantage from the application of ethics.

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Dr Zivit Inbar Dr Zivit Inbar


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