Turnaround Fundamentals: Preparing to be an effective director during the tough times

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When companies are struggling to meet their financial targets, traditional responses include ‘front ended balance sheet solutions’ such as capital raisings and M&A activity. These solutions are relatively easy to implement, but expensive and tend to only provide short-term relief. They rarely address the underlying issues that are impacting the company’s performance.  
Directors do have other options available to them.  These options involve addressing the underlying performance issues early, and to do this, directors need to equip themselves with an understanding of turnaround fundamentals. In the event of insolvency, this understanding will also equip directors to avail themselves of the new safe harbour laws.
You will learn:
  • How to equip your board with the right mix of skills and styles to ensure it will identify and address underlying performance issues
  • What the early warning signs are and where to find them
  • The keys to developing a successful 'turnaround plan' i.e. the actions that are likely to lead to a return to financial health (and if done properly, the actions that will provide directors with access to the new safe harbour from liability for insolvent trading)
  • The importance of the board’s focus on viability during the turnaround process
  • How to develop positive and honest relationships with your key stakeholders
  • How the new 'safe harbour' law assists in a successful turnaround

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Macaire Bromley GAICD Macaire Bromley GAICD
Business Consultant & Board Adviser