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    Bringing professional learning to life, online.
    We believe in the power of learning - that every moment can be one of exploration, collaboration,
    learning and application making the world a more interesting and sustainable place.

CPDlive is challenging how things have been done and how we learn and grow as professionals.

Creating collaborative learning communities. Expert-led learning from the world's leading educators and institutions.
Webinars but not as you know it. Fully hosted and supported live online events that engage and challenge.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.— Nelson Mandela

This is why our team get up each morning. It is why we push boundaries, it is why we push ourselves and it is why we must push educational norms and standards.

About CPDlive

For the past thirteen years CPDlive has been at the forefront of driving change in professional development in Australia. Together with our clients we have delivered training and education via 1000's of live online learning events to 100,000's of professionals in almost every postcode around Australia and 120 countries throughout the world.

CPDlive provides in-course facilitation support for both content experts and students. We understand that support staff, faculty and managers are stretched to their limits. Actively supporting collaborative, high touch learning is simply not possible for most institutions. CPDlive can again fill that gap through smart technology solutions and personnel. This enables institutions to truly leverage their brand and content expertise.

Values are at the core of all CPDlive services and relationships. These are:

  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Service



Global Context

Education at all levels is undergoing a seismic shift globally. This is particularly so in professional education. We all face significant challenges, in every way individuals and corporations are stretched for time, money and relevance.

Technology is stretching how we work in ways and at speeds we have never before experienced. No longer can you rest on a qualification earned 5 years ago let-alone 20 years ago. Lifelong learning is no longer a nice idea, it is vital to career development and more broadly to our ability as a society to step up to the challenges we face at national and global levels.

Partnership and collaboration is the key

CPDlive partners with world class education providers including:


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If you have any questions about how we can be of assistance to your organisation, please give us a call or send an email.

Telephone: +61 3 8080 9966
Email: admin@cpdlive.com
Office: Level 2, 289 Flinders Lane Melbourne, 3000 Australia