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    Leading the world in Live Online Webinar Solutions
    CPDlive partners with leading professional associations and training organisations to create
    world class professional webinar solutions.

Fully Managed Live Online Webinar Solution

Be it a one off learning event or a national ongoing educational program, CPDlive can help you deliver commercially sound and educationally exciting live online offerings. Our current clients run anywhere from 4 to 250 events a year with numbers from 20 to 500 professionals attending.

We strive for all events to be high quality, interactive and engaging in nature with strong learning priorities.

CPDlive are experts in hosting, producing and supporting live online learning events and ongoing programs. With our team of learning and development experts we work with organisations of all sizes to realise the exciting opportunities that the best of technology and great learning design can create.

One-off Live Online Event/Webinar
(Fully Managed Hosted Webinar of 1-2 hour duration)
Regular Monthly or Re-occuring Event/Webinar
(eg. Monthly updates that participants can subscribe to annually)
Live Online Course
(Between 2 and 10 related events/webinars that link together to form a single course)


Global Context

The learning world is undergoing a massive change. Like publishing, entertainment and retail, education is now in the midst of its own online revolution. Leading this change are Ivy League universities such as Harvard and Stanford through their introduction of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms like Coursera and EdX. These have dramatically raised the profile of online learning but have they raised the bar? One thing for certain, they have served as a catalyst to place all learning and educational organisations on notice that change is inevitable, imminent and massive. The challenge AND opportunity for your organisation is in navigating this new and rapidly emerging landscape to your advantage.

About CPDlive

Since 2006, CPDlive has been at the forefront of driving change in continuing professional development in Australia. Together with its clients CPDlive has delivered professional training and education via thousands of live online learning events to hundreds of thousands of professionals in almost every postcode around Australia and 119 countries throughout the world.

CPDlive is continuing to lead innovation in education through the introduction of its exciting MOOC-like online Cahoot Learning environment.

Partnership and collaboration is the key

CPDlive partners with world class education providers including:

Upcoming Sessions

CPDlive partners with world class education providers including:


If you have any questions about live online training and how we can be of assistance to your organisation, please give us a call or send an email.

Telephone: +61 3 8080 9966
Email: admin@cpdlive.com
Office: Level 2, 289 Flinders Lane Melbourne, 3000 Australia