Getting Connected

Preparing for your live session

Please first ensure that your computer has a good working internet connection and that your speakers are turned on.

To participate in live online training you must first set up Event Manager. This is a one-time install and takes less than a minute to complete.
It is recommended that you do this installation at least the day before your session in order to ensure a trouble free experience.
You can simply install by launching our test session. Click here to test your system.

Getting Connected to your live session

Please click on the 'join training' link in your session email at least 15 minutes prior to the event start time. This will automatically launch you into the session and enable the host to assist you with any audio or technical issues before the session starts.
Alternatively you can login from the home page by clicking the Join Training link and entering your Connect ID and Password.

Having Trouble

If you are having trouble please first ensure that you have administrator access to your pc before trying the test link again.
Failing this, please don't hesitate to call one of our helpful technical team on 03 8080 9966 or email so we can assist.