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These interactive sessions are presented live by leading tax, financial, accounting and business experts, directly to you. You and your colleagues can participate from any location (globally) where you have broadband internet connection. You can ask questions throughout the session, share ideas and communicate directly with the presenter and even other delegates. Training in this environment is not only informative and a convenient way to meet the experts, it is an enjoyable and stimulating experience.

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TaxEd Bimonthly Update 2019/2020 series

Live Online Upcoming sessions    Date
TaxEd Live Monthly Update: April - May 2019 Mon, 17 June 2019
Tax and termination payments paid to employees - the intricacies and complexities Wed, 19 June 2019
TaxEd Bimonthly Update - August 2019 Mon, 12 August 2019
TaxEd Bimonthly Update - October 2019 Mon, 14 October 2019
TaxEd Bimonthly Update - December 2019 Mon, 16 December 2019
TaxEd Bimonthly Update - February 2020 Mon, 17 February 2020
TaxEd Bimonthly Update - April 2020 Mon, 20 April 2020
TaxEd Bimonthly Update - June 2020 Mon, 15 June 2020

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